Personal Leadership

Settting your path and holding in to it in a ever-changing environment. Gaining strength from inspiring goals and dealing with circumstances.

Holding on to your path in a ever-changing evironment is at heart

Setting your path and holding on to it in a ever-changing environment is at the heart. It starts with setting your path: what are your desires, what are your core values, what is your mission, when do you reach your full potential. This gives you your point of reference to fall back on. Subsequently you work out your vision for the future: how does my life look like when I actually follow my set path. You can work this out for every aspect of your life but also specifically for work, your family, your business or other aspects. You can also choose a specific theme like ‘enjoying’, ‘acquiring a new job’.

You set your personal path and learn how to hold on to this in practice. This is how Goal Orientated Wandering starts: following a path towards a clear vision and responding to the circumstances. You are steadfast in following your core values and you have the inspiration to renew this while following the path. You have guidance and you are flexible and vitally. 

The programmes of Personal Leadership are focused on development. You can take part in different ways. You can follow an individual trajectory. You can also join a group and jointly follow a three day trajectory. You can also organise a in-company trajectory. 


Goal orientated wandering

Gaining personal strength from inspiring goals and responding easily to your circumstances. The unique programme combines short workshops and strolling in nature: outside, as yourself. 

Learning in depth

You enlarge your learning abilities by putting your unconsiousness to work systemetically. Doing this you activate both your analytic and your graphic ability. Practical tools help you after the training. 

Your mission

You discover your mission, It is a compas that focussen and gives direction. You work out your mission in a concrete vision for the future. 

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What can you achieve with them?

Develop a vision for the future 

What am I going to do in the next couple of years? How can I work with joy and perform well?

Calm thoughts

How do I get rid of my permanent feeling of stress? How do I bring order to the chaos?

Your own compancy

Decide about a independent entrepeneurship. Is it something for me?


How do I motivate myself? I want to work as an entrepeneur for new clients! How am I going to do that?

Stay the course

How do I hold on to the path I set in this turbulent organisation? What if I have to work at home as well? How do I remain powerful? 


How can I enjoy things more? Can I make other people understand what I need to thrive?

Working with challenge, without burn out 

How do I tackle the thirtiers dilemma. How do I avoid a second burn out.


Learning to work as a team according to the new functions after a reorganisation? We want everybody to be the best version of him or herself. In the same tame we want the team to merge together.

Persoonlijke begeleiding door Mandy van Schie

Van huis uit ben ik opgegroeid in een ondernemersgezin. Met een thuis vast aan de slagerij en de werkplaats, waardoor het bedrijf en de klanten altijd onderdeel van ons gezin zijn geweest. Personeel was erg belangrijk voor mijn ouders en zij zorgde ervoor dat het personeel zich gezien en gehoord voelde. Mijn vader zei altijd: “Man, je moet zorgen dat de mensen voor je willen werken.” Het personeel was dan ook onderdeel van ons gezin.

Hoewel ondernemerschap dicht bij mij lag, ben ik toch eerst in het bedrijfsleven beland. Ik startte als leidinggevende en nam de lessen van mijn vader mee. Ik luisterde en keek goed wat mijn mensen in het team nodig hadden en wist snel vertrouwen te scheppen in een team. Vele geslaagde reorganisaties en verandertrajecten volgden.

Toen mijn broertje en mijn vader kort achter elkaar overleden besloot ik om alsnog voor het ondernemerschap te gaan. De jas van de corporate resultaatgerichte organisatie paste steeds minder en begon te knellen.
Daarbij had ik in die tijd mijn visie op leiderschap en teamontwikkeling verder ontwikkeld en had ik behoefte om mijn visie op het begeleiden van teams die zowel goed is voor mens en resultaat verder uiteen te zetten. Zo ontstond een bedrijf waar ik mijn skills op het gebied van leiderschap, teamontwikkeling en medewerker- en klanttevredenheid kwijt kan.

Het draait om persoonlijke aandacht, om het vergroten van de échte kwaliteiten van je medewerkers en gehoord worden. Dit weet je, alleen soms weet je niet meer hoe. Je hebt behoefte aan nieuwe energie en handvatten, zodat je jouw menselijk leiderschap weer vanuit vertrouwen kunt inzetten. Dat is waar ik je bij help.

Personal guidance

All the subjects in personal leadership are provided by me, Kees Kouwenhoven. 

After discovering my mission, creating joy, I have developed the ideas around ‘Happiness at work’. From personal experiences I have let many people discover their own mission. After that I was able to help them to actually put these thoughts into action.

I have supported independent entrepreneurs with forming their company and making it more successful as well. Doing this I use my experience gained working for sixteen years in a big consultancy business and being an independent entrepreneur for twenty years. 

During our hike I have taught myself many traits like living in the ‘here and now’, perform within your own capacity, look for the unexpected and to hold your course. Through a sophisticated three-day-during course ‘Doelgericht zwerven’ these traits are aspired to be conveyed to the course members. They do not need to make the same journey of months.  

My part in the course ‘Doelgericht zwerven’ is that of the companion. I offer support in finding your own authentic path for your work and your life. I will not walk behind or before you. You’ll find me beside you. 

About Kees Kouwenhoven

The book Goal Orientated Wandering

Hiking is a striking metaphor for life and work. I have discovered this while writing my book Goal Orientated Wandering about my hike from Delft to Assisi in Italy.